Why We Invest in Economic Development, A Letter from Parish President Guy McInnis

In honor of National Economic Development Week, I believe it is important to explain the significance of economic development and the role of the St. Bernard Economic Development Foundation (SBEDF) in our community.

Economic Development is at the core of well-being and quality of life for a healthy community. For many, the ability to rely on a stable, quality job is key to providing for a family and achieving financial security.

Building relationships with companies that offer meaningful employment is key to the success of our citizens. When we foster a healthy environment for business to relocate and stay, we are also enabling our residents to provide for themselves and their loved ones.

St. Bernard Parish Government has been a strong partner and ally to SBEDF. This investment in our business community has led to the attraction of new businesses and the growth of existing companies.

St. Bernard Parish has tremendous natural and logistical assets. It is imperative that we properly market our community to developers, site selectors, and companies so that we can continue to provide employment opportunities for generations to come.

The needs of business and industry are constantly evolving and we as a community must be able to adapt and innovate. By identifying national trends and working with our existing and emerging industry sectors, we are able to invest in workforce development and education that meets the needs of current and future employers.

I am proud of the accomplishments we have made in our recovery and growth. Our businesses are essential to the prosperity of the community. We invest in economic development to ensure a better and brighter future for St. Bernard Parish.

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Sincerely, President Guy McInnis